Why is it necessary to give your baby a teether?

Why is it necessary to give your baby a teether?

A teether is a toy that babies can put in their mouths when they have new teeth. Teething is a process that many parents anxiously await but dread when it comes to the development of their newborn. From the first few months of age through the first year, babies teethe frequently. Many parents believe their baby is starting to teethe when he or she begins to drool. Parents often look for their first teeth in their child's mouth by rubbing their hands over the gums to find and feel the emerging teeth. Give the baby a safer teether to keep him from putting toys in his mouth.


Why do babies like to chew on things?

Babies like to chew on things, especially when they are teething. When teeth come in, infants do get some comfort and relief by chewing on toys like gum. The soft gums may feel better when slight pressure is applied. If they chew on a blanket, a favorite stuffed animal, the edge of a baby book, keys, their fingers, or even a parent's finger, it means it's time for you to get them a safe and sanitary teether.


The Advantages of Using a Teether for Babies

Babies try to put things in their mouths at a very young age as part of child development. All the mouth and chewing encourages infants to move their tongues into their mouths. This makes the child aware of their mouth. These movements help set the stage for phonological learning as infants begin babbling as they learn to say their first words, "mommy," "daddy," and "baba". There are many other reasons why infants like to put baby teethers in their mouths and chew on them. When their teeth come in, it's not always for relief.


Do baby teethers need to be refrigerated?

Some parents prefer to use teething gel that can be frozen in the freezer, which will provide soothing coolness to the baby's gums if the child puts it in his or her mouth. Be careful not to freeze the teething gel for too long. It can hurt and make your baby's delicate gums uncomfortable. Some teething gums vibrate when the baby bites down on the toy, which can also provide relief.


Cleaning Teethers and Toys

Develop a good plan for cleaning and disinfecting teethers and toys that may enter the mouth to reduce the spread of germs. Especially if there are other babies around who may want to put them in their mouths. Carry disinfectant wipes with you in case the teether and toys fall on the floor. Wash teethers and toys regularly with soap and water.


Baby Teether Buying Tips

Supervise your baby constantly while he/she is using the teether. When selecting a teether, look for one that your baby can hold and put safely in his or her mouth. Teethers that are too large or too small can be a safety hazard. We recommend the HEORSHE® Wristband Teether! Our wristband teether is made with your child's sucking habits in mind and for their health. It is a 360-degree open wristband teether that allows children to relieve themselves by sucking on these protruding surface areas normally, satisfying their aggressive desires and effectively getting through this teething stage. If you are interested in our products, please don't hesitate to contact us!

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