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Beranle Shoes | Green

Beranle Shoes | Green

Normalpris €89,00 EUR
Normalpris €89,00 EUR Udsalgspris
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Beranle Shoes | Green

Normalpris €89,00
Normalpris €89,00 Udsalgspris
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Description & Materials

Introducing our Beranle Shoes, where autumn colors are hidden, and romance takes center stage.

With a joyful and vivid design, these shoes bring a touch of retro charm. The round head adds an exquisite and cute element, ensuring both comfort and easy walking.

Thanks to the Velcro tabs, these shoes are a breeze to put on and take off. The playful "Doudou" decoration adds an extra touch of whimsy.

Crafted from soft and refreshing leather, the shoes feature a non-slip and wear-resistant rubber sole for safety and durability.

The high-quality soft leather surface ensures a comfortable fit without causing any discomfort to the feet.

The shoe mouth is impeccably cut, showcasing exquisite workmanship. Velcro tabs allow for easy adjustments and secure wearing.

The anti-skid pattern on the sole provides a reliable grip, offering a safe and confident stride.

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