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Cherry Bear T-shirt | Beige

Cherry Bear T-shirt | Beige

Normalpris €48,00 EUR
Normalpris €48,00 EUR Udsalgspris
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Cherry Bear T-shirt | Beige

Normalpris €48,00
Normalpris €48,00 Udsalgspris
ON SALE Udsolgt

Description & Materials

Introducing a fantastic T-Shirt made from 100% organic cotton, ensuring a sustainable and eco-friendly choice. The fabric used is iced porcelain cotton, which offers a cool and refreshing feel, alongside comfort, softness, and excellent sweat-absorption and breathability. This garment boasts full elasticity, providing a natural stretch that ensures comfort without tightness, deformation, or wrinkling.

Designed with a classic round neck and an inner bag, this piece guarantees a comfortable and soft experience. The puff sleeve design adds a touch of elegance and comfort with its loose and comfortable cuffs. On the front chest, you'll find a cute and fresh water slurry print, enhancing the overall appeal of the product.

The skirt features a loose and flat hem, complemented by neatly routed lines, which significantly reduce the chances of thread unraveling. This attention to detail ensures durability and a high-quality finish.

Size Length Bust Sleeve Length
80cm 42 57.8 14.5
90cm 46 61 15.5
100cm 50 64.2 16.5
110cm 54 67.4 17.5
120cm 58 70.6 18.5
130cm 62 73.8 19.5

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