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Coco Plaid Skirt | Red Green

Coco Plaid Skirt | Red Green

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Coco Plaid Skirt | Red Green

Normalpris €69,00
Normalpris €69,00 Udsalgspris
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Description & Materials

Step into the holiday cheer with the Coco Plaid Skirt, a classic tartan piece that brings comfort and style to your winter wardrobe. This skirt is not just a fashion statement; it's a snug haven with its silver fox velvet lining, providing a soft, smooth, and luxuriously warm layer against the cold.

Celebrate the season with a design that radiates festive spirit and warmth. The skirt features a wheat ear weave, a retro plaid pattern with a modern twist of neon filter texture, offering a nostalgic yet vibrant feel. The fabric is crafted to have rich layers and playful pleats, adding a dynamic charm to your movements. Made from a durable, thick woolen fabric, it ensures warmth and longevity.

The Coco Plaid Skirt is designed with your comfort in mind, featuring a beef tendon design at the back for a fit that's snug but not constricting. The pleated pattern is meticulously crafted, with neat folds that hold their shape and add an air of sophistication. For added practicality, the skirt includes silver fox velvet inner leggings to offer extra coverage and prevent exposure. Embrace the winter festivities with this stylish and comfortable Coco Plaid Skirt.


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