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Fungo Shirt | Beige

Fungo Shirt | Beige

Normalpris €49,00 EUR
Normalpris €49,00 EUR Udsalgspris
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Fungo Shirt | Beige

Normalpris €49,00
Normalpris €49,00 Udsalgspris
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Description & Materials

- Crafted from comfortable cotton

Introducing our Fungo Shirt, where comfort meets playful charm.

This shirt sets the tone with the question "Do you like mushrooms?" and the promise of a springtime adventure: "Spring Is Coming, Let’s Go To The Forest, Pick some mushrooms."

With a collar and inner lining that are soft and comfortable, this shirt ensures a cozy wear. The glue printing on the chest adds a childlike and fun touch that won't easily fade or fall off.

The cuffs are carefully crafted to be wear-resistant, ensuring durability through play and exploration. Double-line routing at the hem is designed to keep the shirt securely in place, even during active mushroom picking adventures.

Let your child embrace the love for mushrooms with our Fungo Shirt. Order now and watch them have endless fun in this delightful outfit!

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