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Leather Boots | Brown

Leather Boots | Brown

Normalpris €78,00 EUR
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Leather Boots | Brown

Normalpris €78,00
Normalpris €78,00 Udsalgspris
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Description & Materials

Leather Boots | Brown with plush inner



23 (Insole 15cm)
24 (Insole 15.5cm)
25 (Insole 16cm)
26 (Insole 16.6cm)
27 (Insole 17.3cm)
28 (Insole 18cm)
29 (Insole 18.6cm)
30 (Insole 19.3cm)

31 (Insole 20cm)
32 (Insole 20.6cm) 

Insole length is usually 1cm larger than foot length, but in the following situations, you need to add about 0.5cm to your child's foot length and choose bigger size:
1. your child's foot is wide or fat
2. your kid likes to wear loose shoes
3. your kid needs to wear thick socks in the shoe.


For example, my daughter's foot length is 16.3cm, I will choose size 27, but if her foot is a bit wide or fat, I will add 0.5cm to her foot length (16.8cm) and choose size 28.
Insole length we offered is accurate, but because everyone's foot is different, so recommended foot length is just for reference, you still need to judge it by yourself, please kindly understand.
Please allow error about ±5MM in the measurement.

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