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Minou Sandals | Yellow

Minou Sandals | Yellow

Normalpris €65,00 EUR
Normalpris €65,00 EUR Udsalgspris €95,00 EUR
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Minou Sandals | Yellow

Normalpris €65,00
Normalpris €65,00 Udsalgspris €95,00
ON SALE Udsolgt

Description & Materials

Introducing these exquisite shoes designed specifically for kids, where every detail has been carefully crafted to provide the ultimate comfort and style.Made from soft and breathable leather, these shoes ensure that your child's feet stay fresh and comfortable throughout the day. The delicate and clear texture adds a touch of elegance, while the exceptional quality of craftsmanship guarantees long-lasting durability.

With their velvet softness and poly warmth, these shoes keep your child's feet cozy and protected, even in freezing temperatures.

The side zipper closure makes it convenient for children to easily put on and take off the shoes, allowing them to freely engage in play without any wrestling with laces.

The soles strike the perfect balance between softness and firmness, providing optimal support for comfortable walking. Your little one can confidently explore the world in these shoes.

Choose these kids' shoes and experience the combination of unmatched quality, comfort, and style that will leave both children and parents delighted.


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