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Ririo Blouse | Beige

Ririo Blouse | Beige

Normalpris €69,00 EUR
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Ririo Blouse | Beige

Normalpris €69,00
Normalpris €69,00 Udsalgspris
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Description & Materials

- 100% Cotton

Introducing our Ririo Blouse, crafted with 100% cotton for a soft and comfortable feel that kids will love! This blouse features refreshing embroidered cotton with intricate details, making it a delightful addition to any child's wardrobe.

The cotton thread embroidery adds a three-dimensional, exquisite touch to the blouse, creating a vivid and chic look that stands out. The skirt boasts multiple layers of lace, adding a unique flair and enhancing the blouse's charm.

With contrasting plaid accents, the blouse achieves a harmonious and fresh aesthetic, while the wave lace stabilizes the garment's shape, ensuring a neat appearance. The yarn-dyed fabric is washed to perfection, offering a soft and fresh feel that kids will appreciate.

Sweet lace lapels and button fly closure make the blouse easy to wear and add to its overall charm. The cuffs feature pleated detailing and exquisite flower embroidery, adding a fresh and cute touch to the design. The flower-shaped hem is meticulously crafted and neatly finished, showcasing the blouse's attention to detail.

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