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Flavie Dress | Vivid Auburn

Flavie Dress | Vivid Auburn

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Flavie Dress | Vivid Auburn

Normaler Preis €79,00
Normaler Preis €79,00 Verkaufspreis
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Description & Materials

Material: Organic Cotton

Introducing the Flavie Dress – where comfort meets style in the most natural way possible. Crafted from soft and breathable organic cotton, this dress ensures you feel at ease throughout the day.

Featuring a sweet bow series French square collar, the Flavie Dress accentuates your collarbone and neck with its charming large bows. The layered design and simple pleats on the chest add a sweet and playful touch, while the vibrant red square collar brings a retro girlish sense of exquisiteness that truly enhances your complexion.

The dress also boasts slightly lantern sleeves on the shoulders, catering to various shoulder shapes and providing a friendly fit. Whether you're attending Christmas events or presenting it as a gift, the Flavie Dress | Vivid Auburn is the perfect choice for celebrating the season in style. Elevate your festive look with this delightful piece that effortlessly combines comfort, breathability, and natural charm.


Size Garment Length (cm) Shoulder Width (cm) Chest Circumference (cm) Sleeve Length (cm) Cuff (cm)
100 62 24.3 67 16.5 19.6
110 67 25.9 71 17 20.3
120 72 27.5 75 17.5 21
130 77 29.1 79 18.5 21.7
140 82 30.7 83 19.5 22.4
150 87 32.3 87 20.5 23.1
160 92 33.9 91 21.5 23.8
170 97 35.5 95 22.5 24.5

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