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Hedgehog Denim Jampsuit | Blue

Hedgehog Denim Jampsuit | Blue

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Hedgehog Denim Jampsuit | Blue

Normaler Preis €68,99
Normaler Preis €68,99 Verkaufspreis €85,00
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Description & Materials

Embrace the vibrant energy of spring with our Hedgehog Denim Jumpsuit, the perfect choice for your little one's playful adventures. This must-have overall exudes simplicity and comfort, making it an essential addition to any child's wardrobe.

Crafted from classic denim fabric, this jumpsuit is not only practical but also easy to care for, ensuring long-lasting wear. The versatile denim blue color adds a timeless charm and makes it effortless to mix and match with other pieces in your child's closet.

Designed for everyday wear, this jumpsuit boasts a comfortable and relaxed fit that your child will love. The shoulder strap design ensures a comfortable fit without squeezing the shoulders, while the elastic fabric provides exceptional comfort throughout the day. Convenient button closures make dressing a breeze, allowing your little one to explore with ease.

Adding a touch of fun, the jumpsuit features adorable small embroidery designs on the placket, bringing joy to your child's outfit. The back waist is thoughtfully designed with elasticity, offering a loose and comfortable fit for all body shapes.

With its slim overall style and flared pant legs, this jumpsuit effortlessly combines style and comfort. The fitted thighs and A-shaped flared calves create a flattering silhouette, while the raw edge design on the trouser legs adds a touch of fashion-forward flair.

Let your child step out in style and comfort with our Hedgehog Denim Jumpsuit, the perfect companion for their everyday adventures.

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The worst experience ever with the store.
Order arrived on 10 days and from China in small box dungaree was tucked in the body of the hat very careless and shoes without box where tucked just on top to squeeze in to the same small box. The box itself was small for the frame of the hat, so hat got damaged.
When I asked for returned the shop come back to me with reply that they don’t have returns, only exchange. When I send them pictures how order was packed and when you pay for the hat £30+, for dungaree £60+ and £55 or so for the shoes, you expect a bit of respect while packing such a expensive items. And if they god damaged you expect being able to return! But no, they refused.
Horrible avoids. Ordered after same things from Zara 3 times cheaper and better quality.

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