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Sage Lace Dress | Retro Gray Green

Sage Lace Dress | Retro Gray Green

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Sage Lace Dress | Retro Gray Green

Normaler Preis €89,00
Normaler Preis €89,00 Verkaufspreis
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Description & Materials

Introducing the "Sage Lace Dress" – Exclusive Quality with Minimalist Elegance.

Crafted from a blend of 90% polyester fiber and 10% spandex, with a 100% cotton lining, this dress embodies exclusivity and minimalism.

The fabric offers slight elasticity, ensuring comfort and a graceful drape, while the velvet lining is soft and gentle on the skin.

With collar and cuffs spliced with lace webbing, it adds a touch of sophistication. The just-right pleats at the waist create smooth and natural lines, highlighting the waistline without appearing too bulky.

The hem, spliced with lace, exudes static, gentleness, and dynamic elegance.

Elevate your style with the "Sage Lace Dress" – a perfect blend of quality and minimalist design, ideal for those who appreciate understated elegance.


Size Skirt Length Shoulder Width Chest Sleeve Cuff
110 59 25 70 36.8
120 64 26.5 74 38.5
130 69 28 78 40.2
140 74 29.5 82 41.9
150 79 31 86 43.6
160 84 32.5 90 45.3
170 89 34 94 47

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