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Strawberry Shirt | Beige

Strawberry Shirt | Beige

Normaler Preis €44,99 EUR
Normaler Preis €44,99 EUR Verkaufspreis €55,00 EUR
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Strawberry Shirt | Beige

Normaler Preis €44,99
Normaler Preis €44,99 Verkaufspreis €55,00
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Description & Materials

Introducing our Strawberry Shirt, made from double-sided Australian cashmere, a superior choice compared to ordinary cotton fabrics for your child's comfort.

Utilizing a cutting-edge double-sided technology, this shirt offers a new level of comfort and protection. The outer layer features a brushed fine touch, providing a soft and comfortable feel, while also offering perspiration and moisture absorption properties.

The inner layer is brushed for skin-friendly comfort and snug warmth. Both sides of this shirt provide a soft, brushed feeling and excellent stretch resilience. This means it has natural elasticity, ensuring it's comfortable, not tight, and resistant to deformation and wrinkles.

Putting it on and taking it off is a breeze - simple and hassle-free without any uncomfortable tightness around the head. It's adorned with sweet raspberry embroidery, meticulously hand-embroidered on the cute lapel, creating a charming harvest fruit theme.

The double-sided fleece feels dense and soft, offering flexibility, comfort, and warmth. It features a simple doll collar, an inner bag, and embroidered strawberries that are sweet and lovely. For easy dressing, there's a double-button closure on the back collar, and for added durability, double-needle stitching is used on the cuffs. Crafted with exquisite workmanship, this shirt maintains its quality over time, with a flat hem that doesn't easily unravel.


Size Length Bust Sleeve Length Shoulder
80cm 35 27 30 19
90cm 38 28 33 20
100cm 41 30 36 21
110cm 44 31 39 22
120cm 47 33 41 23
130cm 50 34 44 24
140cm 53 36 47 25

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