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Tiemo Bunny Blouse | Yellow

Tiemo Bunny Blouse | Yellow

Normaler Preis €52,99 EUR
Normaler Preis €52,99 EUR Verkaufspreis €65,00 EUR
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Tiemo Bunny Blouse | Yellow

Normaler Preis €52,99
Normaler Preis €52,99 Verkaufspreis €65,00
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Description & Materials

Material: 60 count cotton digital printed cotton fabric
Forest style flower field digital full printing
Vivid Bloom Lightweight and Breathable
100% cotton. Forest flower field digital full printing
Vividly blooming, light and breathable. Chic three-dimensional imitation hand embroidery
Exquisite embossed jacquard texture and curved tooth craft lotus leaf lapels
Chic rhythm accentuates the face shape. Smocked lace beef tendon sleeves
The back collar is open and easy to open and close. The baby doll collar has ruffled edges in contrasting colors and curved teeth for comfort.
The cuffs are tightened with tendons and have exquisite rabbit embroidery.
Single row of colored buttons at the back for easy putting on and taking off
A Underground Mixing Market Line Zi Huang Enters Tea Notes 


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