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Defi Dress | Black

Defi Dress | Black

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Regular price $80.00 USD Sale price $99.00 USD
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Defi Dress | Black

Regular price $80.00
Regular price $80.00 Sale price $99.00
ON SALE Sold out

Description & Materials

- 100% Organic Cotton

The "Defi Dress | Black" is an exquisite blend of sustainability and style, crafted from 100% organic cotton. This dress is a testament to eco-friendly fashion without compromising on elegance and design.

The sleeves of the Defi Dress are made from knitted fabrics, allowing for free and convenient movement. This feature enhances the comfort and flexibility of the dress, making it suitable for various activities and events. The curved waist joints add to the dress's design, increasing the overall layering and creating a flattering silhouette.

One of the unique aspects of this dress is the artificial pleating process, which creates a natural and flexible skirt. This detail adds a touch of grace and fluidity to the dress, ensuring it moves beautifully with the wearer.

The dress also features a button half placket adorned with customized lace, adding a convenient and sophisticated element to its design. The black color of the dress makes it versatile and timeless, perfect for both casual and formal occasions.

The "Defi Dress | Black" is more than just a garment; it's a piece that combines environmental consciousness with fashion-forward design, ideal for those who value both style and sustainability.

Size Skirt Length Shoulder Width Bust Sleeve Length
110 (4 - 5 Y) 59.5 41.2 85 30.1
120 (5 - 6 Y) 64.5 43 89 33
130 (6 - 7 Y) 69.5 44.8 93 35.9
140 (7 - 8 Y) 74.5 46.6 97 38.8
150 (9 - 10 Y) 79.5 48.4 101 42.7
160 (11 - 12 Y) 84.5 50.2 105 46.6
170 (13 - 14 Y) 89.5 52 109 50.5

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