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Cartoon Bear Head Embroidered Bucket Hat | Beige

Cartoon Bear Head Embroidered Bucket Hat | Beige

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Cartoon Bear Head Embroidered Bucket Hat | Beige

Normale prijs €22,00
Normale prijs €22,00 Aanbiedingsprijs
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Description & Materials

Material: 100% organic cotton

Summer Hat For Babys Toddler Fisherman Hat Summer Sunhat Babys Bucket Hat Wide Brim Summer Hat Embroidery Bear Hat

Elastic chin band 

This adorable bear print all over cotton blend bucket comes in two sizes to fit babies and toddlers. It makes the cutest new baby or child's birthday gift for infants and toddlers. This hat is perfect for protecting your little ones from the sun when outdoors and is a cute accessory to add onto their summer wardrobe. The inside is lined with breathable netting material to help keep their head cool during the summer.

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