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Wooden Carousel Musical Box | Cake

Wooden Carousel Musical Box | Cake

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Wooden Carousel Musical Box | Cake

Normale prijs €58,00
Normale prijs €58,00 Aanbiedingsprijs
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Description & Materials

Christmas is coming. Are you still worried about choosing a gift for your children? Then this fashionable shaped music box through exquisite workmanship is a good choice. With excellent quality, simple and elegant design, it can be used as an ideal decoration in the living room or on the coffee table. It is a great gift whether for others or yourself. By virtue of its easy operation and pleasant audiovisual effect, it is a music box that you are not willing to put down.


• Featuring simple and elegant design with changeable scenes, it can help you look back on your childhood.
• High quality wood material is used to ensure a lightweight product which can be freely placed.
• Classic light music can be used as a lullaby to make your children have a sound sleep.
• Without burr, it is and more durable due to its high quality material.


• Material: beech
• Craft: engraving, polishing
• Instructions: Turn the bottom spring 3-4 times before playing music


• Cake Shape - Music: Happy Birthday, Moving Point: upper rotation, Size: about height 14.2 * diameter 11cm / 5.59 * 4.33in

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