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Velcro Sandals | Brown

Velcro Sandals | Brown

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Velcro Sandals | Brown

Regular price €79,00
Regular price €79,00 Sale price €130,00
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Description & Materials

Introducing the Roman Poet Traveler's Collection of Velcro Shoes - a unique blend of functionality and style. These shoes are not only designed for comfortable walking, but they also capture the essence of the poet's travels and translations.

Crafted with utmost care, the shoes feature velcro tabs that effortlessly bond, allowing for easy on and off. The anti-kick toe box ensures safety and care, providing a secure fit for every step.

The surface of these remarkable shoes is made from nubuck leather, intricately woven in a hollow pattern, creating a captivating fusion of fashion and retro aesthetics. The overlapping design adds depth and dimension, symbolizing the endless exploration of the world.

Beneath the surface, a wood bran composite rubber soft bottom is employed, offering a lightweight and stable foundation. The non-slip feature guarantees a secure grip on various surfaces, providing a reliable start to every journey.

Step into a world of comfort with the sweet and lovely softness of these shoes. The large elastic component ensures a snug and comfortable fit, enabling effortless and pleasant walks.

Emphasizing breathability and comfort, the shoes incorporate a staggered design, allowing for optimal airflow and temperature regulation. No detail is overlooked, as the shoe mouth is meticulously cut, showcasing exquisite workmanship.

With the convenience of velcro fastening, these shoes are effortlessly put on and taken off. The interlaced design enables easy adjustments, accommodating different foot shapes and sizes.

Stay in step with the latest fashion trends, as these shoes boast a versatile and fashionable appeal. The breathable nature of the shoes ensures a pleasant walking experience, while the rubber non-slip sole guarantees both softness and safety, providing a reliable grip on any surface.

Experience the Roman Poet Traveler's Collection - a harmonious blend of comfort, style, and functionality. Let each step carry you on a journey of discovery, as you translate the world around you with every stride.

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