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Fox Blouse | Yellow

Fox Blouse | Yellow

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Fox Blouse | Yellow

Normalpris €79,00
Normalpris €79,00 Udsalgspris
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Description & Materials

- Linen

Embrace the whimsy of fairy tales with our Fox Blouse, a delightful blend of cuteness and practicality. This charming ensemble evokes the essence of an elf in a storybook, enchanting all who behold it. Crafted from soft linen in a gentle beige hue, the highlight of this blouse lies in its captivating collar design.

Distinguished by its oversized lapel, adorned with intricate embroidery featuring green pine needles and adorable little squirrels, the collar exudes a fairy tale aura. The meticulous detailing adds a fashionable touch, elevating the blouse's overall charm and playfulness. Each embroidered motif is meticulously crafted with cotton embroidery yarn, harmonizing perfectly with the linen fabric.

Utilizing heavy embroidery technology, every pattern on the blouse is rendered with precision, ensuring completeness and beauty in every detail. The blouse's silhouette boasts a small A-line cut, offering a balanced blend of comfort and style. With its loose and unrestricted fit, it provides freedom of movement while exuding a sense of ease and comfort.

The cuffs feature tightened lantern sleeves, adding a contemporary flair and energy to the ensemble. Crafted from sand-washed cotton and linen fabric, the blouse offers a luxurious feel with its soft texture, ensuring utmost comfort throughout wear. Paired with complementary pieces, our Fox Blouse transforms you into the epitome of charm and innocence, captivating hearts wherever you go.

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