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Robot Sweatpants | Black

Robot Sweatpants | Black

Normalpris €55,00 EUR
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Robot Sweatpants | Black

Normalpris €55,00
Normalpris €55,00 Udsalgspris
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Description & Materials

- Crafted from comfortable cotton

Introducing our Robot Sweatpants, the perfect choice for active little ones.

Made from soft and comfortable cotton, these sweatpants are designed for play and fun. The fun hand-painted print on the lap adds a touch of excitement to your child's outfit, inspiring them to say the command and start their own "spaceship."

With their loose fit, these pants are perfect for sports and active play. The beef tendon east leg ensures they run briskly while maintaining a comfortable and moderately tight waistband that won't constrict your baby's belly.

Featuring a playful black and blue offset beige watermark design, these pants are both childlike and cute. The classic pocket design offers high usability and convenience for storage, and the exquisitely crafted sword-shaped pocket at the back adds a unique touch.

Thanks to the beef tendon cuffs, these trousers stay securely in place, ensuring they don't ride up during play. The inner edging is exquisitely made, providing a soft and comfortable feel for your child.

Let your child's imagination take flight in our Robot Sweatpants. Order now and watch them enjoy endless adventures in comfort and style!

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