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Teddy Hug T-shirt | Green

Teddy Hug T-shirt | Green

Normalpris €35,00 EUR
Normalpris €35,00 EUR Udsalgspris €59,00 EUR
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Teddy Hug T-shirt | Green

Normalpris €35,00
Normalpris €35,00 Udsalgspris €59,00
ON SALE Udsolgt

Description & Materials

Introducing our Cool and Refreshing Organic Cotton T-Shirt, made with 100% organic cotton for a skin-friendly and breathable experience.

Experience the natural elasticity of this shirt, offering a comfortable fit without feeling tight or wrinkled. It maintains its shape and resists deformation.

This lightweight half-sleeved design embodies a free-spirited soul, providing a soft, elastic, and smooth initial feel.

Featuring a simple round neck and a close-fitting back collar bag, this shirt ensures comfort without strangling the neck.

The interesting dot and water slurry print on the chest adds a cute and childlike touch to the overall design.

With loose cuffs and neat stitching, this shirt guarantees a comfortable upper body experience.

The flat hem, reinforced with double-needle technology, ensures durability and prevents thread unraveling.

Stay cool and refreshed with our Organic Cotton T-Shirt. Embrace comfort, style, and a touch of playfulness in one delightful package.


Size Length Bust Shoulder Sleeve Length
80cm 35 34 33 9.5
90cm 38 36 35 10
100cm 41 38 37 10.5
110cm 44 40 39 11
120cm 47 42 41 12
130cm 50 44 43 13
140cm 53 46 45 14

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