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Crocodile Sweatpants | Blackberry

Crocodile Sweatpants | Blackberry

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Crocodile Sweatpants | Blackberry

Normaler Preis €69,00
Normaler Preis €69,00 Verkaufspreis
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Description & Materials

- Warm Composite Fleece

A unique blend of comfort and playful style, perfect for those who love to combine fashion with fun. Made from warm composite fleece that pairs fabric and suede, these sweatpants offer both coziness and a sleek look.

The standout feature of these sweatpants is the CROCODILE big-eyed LOOK design, which playfully detects the swamp environment. This cute and charming detail adds a fun twist to the garment, showing off a creative back armor design that's sure to turn heads.

Designed with contrast color raglan, the sweatpants allow for free movement, making them ideal for active wear. The bright and lively design also highlights the layers, adding a vibrant touch to your casual attire.

The waistband is made from beef tendon fabric, providing moderate elasticity for a comfortable fit without tightening the belly. Practicality is also a key aspect of these sweatpants, with double side pockets offering convenient storage for your essentials.

Whether you're lounging at home, heading out for a casual day, or engaging in light activities, the "Crocodile Sweatpants | Black" are a perfect choice. They offer a balance of comfort, style, and whimsical charm, suitable for anyone who loves a playful touch in their wardrobe.

Size Hip Width (cm) Leg Opening (cm) Waist (cm)
1 - 2 Y | 80 47 21 34
2 - 3 Y | 90 52 21.5 36
3 - 4 Y | 100 57 22 38
4 - 5 Y | 110 62 23 40
5 - 6 Y | 120 68 24.25 42
6 - 7 Y | 130 74 25.5 44.5
7 - 8 Y | 140 80 26.5 47

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