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Pumpkin Shirt | Beige

Pumpkin Shirt | Beige

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Pumpkin Shirt | Beige

Normaler Preis €53,00
Normaler Preis €53,00 Verkaufspreis
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Description & Materials

Material: 100% Organic Cotton

Introducing our Pumpkin Shirt – a celebration of the autumn spirit, crafted from organic cotton for a comfortable and skin-friendly experience.

Step into the enchantment of our Pumpkin Party design, invoking the cherished memories of autumn. The sweetness of pumpkins and the rich essence of the season converge in this shirt. Imagine the golden hues of falling leaves, casting a warm glow on the harvest path.

The shirt features a heel-colored half-high collar, providing warmth and comfort during cooler days. The pumpkin shape water slurry printing adds a playful touch with its vibrant colors, staying steadfast even with time.

Designed for comfort, the shirt boasts loose cuffs that offer a relaxed feel without constriction. The flat hem is meticulously crafted with double-needle technology, ensuring durability and preventing threads from coming loose.

Embrace the autumn nostalgia with our Pumpkin Shirt – a piece that captures the essence of the season while keeping your child cozy and stylish.


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