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Whale Shorts | Beige

Whale Shorts | Beige

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Whale Shorts | Beige

Normaler Preis €55,00
Normaler Preis €55,00 Verkaufspreis
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Description & Materials

- High-Density Cotton Base Fabric

Introducing our Whale Shorts, crafted from a high-density cotton base fabric known for its crisp texture and resilience against deformation. These shorts offer a soft, smooth, moisture-absorbent, and breathable feel, ensuring your child stays comfortable all day long.

Embark on a sunny whale day adventure in Jingyang Park with these adorable shorts featuring cute digitally printed baby black whales. Dive into the underwater world where happiness bubbles abound, while the loose half-sleeves provide cheerful and comfortable wear.

Designed for stretch and embrace, these shorts are perfect for embracing the sunny and warm monsoon days. The simple lapels offer freedom in fastening, while the curved clothes create a light and layered look. The five-point wide legs allow for unrestricted movement, enabling your child to stride forward with unrestrained imagination.

The front is flat and the back is tight to ensure a perfect fit. The beef tendon waist combined with the semi-flat waist design not only adds beauty but also provides comfort without tightening the waist.

Practicality meets style with crescent pockets on both sides, offering ample storage for little treasures. The flat trouser legs and neat routing contribute to a loose and comfortable upper body.

- Made from high-density cotton base fabric
- Soft, smooth, moisture-absorbent, and breathable
- Digitally printed cute baby black whales
- Loose half-sleeves for comfort
- Stretchable for sunny and warm days
- Simple lapels for easy fastening
- Five-point wide legs for unrestricted movement
- Beef tendon waist + semi-flat waist design for comfort
- Crescent pockets on both sides for practicality

Let your child dive into adventure and comfort with our Whale Shorts, the perfect companion for sunny days and playful escapades.

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