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Bear Flower Dress | Camel

Bear Flower Dress | Camel

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Normale prijs €59,00 EUR Aanbiedingsprijs
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Bear Flower Dress | Camel

Normale prijs €59,00
Normale prijs €59,00 Aanbiedingsprijs
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Description & Materials

Crafted from 100% cotton and made of natural green plant fibers, this dress is not only comfortable to wear, but also eco-friendly. The flat cuffs and shoulder tendons provide a beautiful and comfortable fit without being too tight. The back zipper is concealed, making it easy to put on and take off. The exquisite bear embroidery on the chest adds a cute and charming touch to the dress. The cuffs are gathered with tendon, providing just the right amount of elasticity without feeling too tight. The hem is neatly sliced and tailored to create the perfect shape.

Size Length Bust Sleeve Length
80cm 43 28.5 18
90cm 48 30 19
100cm 53 31.5 20
110cm 58 33 21
120cm 63 34.5 22
130cm 68 36 23

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