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Bear And Flower Chest Wreath Dress | Beige

Bear And Flower Chest Wreath Dress | Beige

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Normale prijs €62,00 EUR Aanbiedingsprijs
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Bear And Flower Chest Wreath Dress | Beige

Normale prijs €62,00
Normale prijs €62,00 Aanbiedingsprijs
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Description & Materials

Introducing our latest creation, the 100% cotton A-line skirt made from natural green plant fiber. This skirt is inspired by the pastoral beauty of spring, with warm rain welcoming the wind and flowers singing in chorus.

The Split waist A-line skirt is designed for easy wear, with a back concealed pull that allows you to put it on and off freely. The Gathered lace tendon cuffs are elastic and soft, like flowers blooming in the spring.

The skirt's design is highlighted by the collision and contrast of colors, making it an eye-catching and elegant addition to any outfit. The Peter Pan collar sets off the face and plays the role of an obediently sweet detail.

The Contrasting color lapel is comfortable, sweet, and well-behaved. The back zipper allows for easy on and off, while the Tendon cuffs provide additional comfort.

The loose skirt is flexible and elegant, with a neat line that adds to its beauty. The chest wreath is delicate and lovely, adding to the overall charm of the skirt. The Tendon cuffs feature a sweet and lovely bow, making it perfect for any occasion.

Designed to be both comfortable and elegant, our 100% cotton A-line skirt is a must-have for anyone looking for a versatile and fashionable addition to their wardrobe.

Size Length Bust Shoulder Sleeve Length
80cm 48 30 21 31
90cm 52 32 22 34
100cm 56 34 23 36
110cm 60 36 24 39
120cm 64 38 25 42
130cm 68 40 26 44
140cm 72 42 27 47

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