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Lotu Trench Coat | Vintage Khaki

Lotu Trench Coat | Vintage Khaki

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Normale prijs €95,00 EUR Aanbiedingsprijs
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Lotu Trench Coat | Vintage Khaki

Normale prijs €95,00
Normale prijs €95,00 Aanbiedingsprijs
ON SALE Uitverkocht

Description & Materials

Material: Organic Cotton

Introducing our Lotu Trench Coat, thoughtfully crafted from organic cotton for ultimate comfort and style.

Experience the softness of combed cotton on the inside, providing a delicate and breathable layer that's gentle on the skin.

Embrace the autumn breeze with this seasonal trench coat. The lotus leaf lapel adds a touch of elegance, while the adjustable drawstring ties create a charming butterfly effect, fastened with a custom wooden buckle.

The large lapel design strikes a balance between sweetness and simplicity, exuding a fashionable flair.

The neckline drawstring offers both windproofing and adjustability, adapting to your preference. The customized wooden square buckle ensures easy on-and-off, combining beauty and practicality.

With double-sided pockets, you'll find convenient storage for essentials. The colored lining adds a final touch of beauty, complementing the coat's overall comfort and appeal.

Size Length Bust Sleeve Length
80cm 46 39 38
90cm 50 41 41
100cm 54 43 44
110cm 58 45 47
120cm 62 47 50
130cm 66 49 53
140cm 70 51 56

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