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Tennis Layer Shirt | Navy

Tennis Layer Shirt | Navy

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Normale prijs €55,00 EUR Aanbiedingsprijs
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Tennis Layer Shirt | Navy

Normale prijs €55,00
Normale prijs €55,00 Aanbiedingsprijs
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Description & Materials

Material: 100% Organic Cotton

Introducing our Tennis Layer Shirt - a sporty and comfortable choice for your little champions!

Crafted from 100% organic cotton, this shirt offers a large elastic upper body that ensures comfort without feeling tight.

Get ready for the tournament with excitement and energy, just like a pro tennis player!

Designed with a POLO lapel, the shirt exudes vitality, while the zipper provides easy opening and closing for added convenience.

The ribbed lapel with elastic covered fly zipper allows for easy on and off, perfect for active kids.

The heel-tone ribbed cuffs ensure unrestricted comfort during playtime.

Featuring a cute cartoon glue printing, the shirt's design is exquisite and childlike, adding a playful touch.

With its ribbed hem, the shirt offers elastic and comfortable wear, although it may not be completely windproof, it's perfect for staying active and comfortable.

Upgrade your child's style with our Tennis Layer Shirt - a perfect blend of sportiness and comfort for your little athletes!

Size Length Bust Shoulder Sleeve Length
80cm 36 40 43 21
90cm 39 42 45 23
100cm 42 44 47 25
110cm 45 46 49 28
120cm 48 48 51 30
130cm 51 51 53 32
140cm 54 54 55 34

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