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Teddy Christmas Sweater | Red

Teddy Christmas Sweater | Red

Běžná cena €95,00 EUR
Běžná cena €95,00 EUR Výprodejová cena
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Teddy Christmas Sweater | Red

Běžná cena €95,00
Běžná cena €95,00 Výprodejová cena
ON SALE Vyprodáno

Description & Materials

Material: Angora Velvet Yarn

Introducing the Teddy Christmas Sweater – a delightful blend of comfort and festive charm. Crafted from luxurious angora velvet yarn, this sweater offers a rich and indulgent feel. The fabric is not only flat and elastic but also wear-resistant, making it easy to care for with hand-washing and mild maintenance.

The sweater boasts natural elasticity, ensuring a comfortable fit that isn't overly tight. This thoughtful design element prevents deformation and wrinkles, keeping the sweater looking fresh and appealing.

As you wear the Teddy Christmas Sweater, you'll find yourself transported to a cozy Christmas scene. Whether you're unpacking surprises by the fire or gazing at the winking stars, this sweater adds a touch of magic to your celebrations.

It's not just a sweater – it's a perfect gift for kids, making it an excellent choice for spreading holiday joy. Additionally, the sweater's festive design makes it ideal for family gatherings and Christmas parties, keeping you warm and stylish throughout the festivities.

The sweater's colorful celebration ceremony menu is completed by its retro rhythm cable craft, adding a chic texture that's both rich and warm. The plush bear embellishment is soft and cute, a perfect companion as you countdown to Christmas Eve.

Embrace the spirit of the season with the Teddy Christmas Sweater – a cozy and charming addition to your holiday wardrobe.


Size Length Bust Sleeve Length
80cm 36.5 36 26
90cm 39 38 28
100cm 41.5 40 30
110cm 44 42 32
120cm 46.5 44 34
130cm 59 46 36
140cm 51.5 48 38

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