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Rabbit And Carrot Shirt | Beige

Rabbit And Carrot Shirt | Beige

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Rabbit And Carrot Shirt | Beige

Regular price $73.00
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Description & Materials

- 100% Cotton

Introducing the Rabbit And Carrot Shirt, crafted from 100% cotton for superior comfort and breathability.

- Embrace whimsical charm with the three-dimensional carrot design, reminiscent of a bustling Green Farm.
- Explore culinary delights with the artistic yarn-dyed plaid pattern, symbolizing the compass guiding your food adventures.
- Feel the rejuvenating spring breeze as the enthusiastic rabbit waves amidst lush greenery, captured in delightful detail.
- Elevate your style with the vibrant college flair and flattering V-shaped neckline, accentuated by the detachable embroidered tie and Sesame dot jacquard diamond check.
- Experience enhanced layering with ingenious raw edge patchwork and snug-fitting contrasting lapels, adding depth to your ensemble.
- Enjoy comfort and lightness with the straight leg design, complemented by neatly routed lapels and symmetrical double pockets for convenient storage.
- Delight in the adorable bunny embroidered tie and removable cuff buttons for easy wearing.
- Finely sliced hems ensure a polished look, maintaining the integrity of the pattern.

Pair this Rabbit And Carrot Shirt with your favorite jeans or chinos for a playful yet sophisticated look perfect for any occasion.

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